QBar - Toolbar Module

QBar is a must-have JomSocial toolbar module that allows you to easily show JomSocial navigation bar everywhere on your site in almost every position. There is a little known issue with various Joomla templates where module inherits some of the stylings from a module position therefore, if toolbar looks awkward, try to publish it in different position or use Firebug to remove conflicting element. This is something we simply can't fix until hopefuly everyone start using Bootstrap.

The module features all of the options you would expect from normal JomSocial Toolbar.
It shows all the menu links created in Joomla Menu manager for Toolbar, as well as legacy menu items added by third party plugins like Kunena, Alpha User Points, Easy Blog etc...
It also features all of the notifications available in JomSocial
Allows you to choose different design of toolbar, loads own css file preventing the loading of 200kb+ of CSS when its displayed on pages other then JomSocial as well as allowing the module class sufix usage.

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Toolbar demo is displayed bellow
Available options are
JomSocial 2 Style: Green, Blue, Pink, Black
JomSocial 3 Style: Light, Dark
NOTE: For JomSocial 3 style to work, you will need to have JomSocial 3 installed