Q Alerts Notification Module

Ever wanted to allow your users to see when they get new message in Jomsocial no matter what page they looking at?
Till now, it was simply impossible to do that. Copying the notification toolbar code was lead to a blank site pages, and  users in your community still don't know when they get a new message or friend request unless they visit the JomSocial pages again? We had a same problem.
That's why, the QAlerts was developed,

Now you can easily show all the notifications that are currently available in JomSocial.
You can show new friends requests, new event invitations and even, new groups invites.
Module is fully configurable in backend to allow easy customization. 
Choose what notifications to show with a simple click.
And that's not all, module can even show the homepage and logout button for full blown user experience.

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This module demo is shown on every page at this site. It is the notification area between logo and the navigation menu (must be logged in)