Force Avi Plugin

Are you tired of all the same boring default avatars everywhere on the site?
Would it be too much to ask users if they could upload at least some picture?
In many cases, it would. It is a fact that users could really care less to leave the information which is not required or mandatory for their site usage. 
JomSocial have a little drawback when it comes to avatar upload. It is strictly optional, and allows users to freely use the default picture which, when displayed in the bunch, doesn't look to good.
Therefore, we decided to develop a plugin which will stop this once and for all.
As its name implies, this plugin will scan if user is using the default avatar of JomSocial, and if it does, it will force user to change it.
The plugin uses the mainframe redirection, therefore any attempt to browse the site pages with default avatar will end up redirected on change avatar page.


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