User Galleries & Tags Plugin

Do you have Facebook?
Do you like how Facebook shows user albums, with number of photos within that album?
Have you noticed that Facebook also show tagged pictures of you?
UG&T does exactly the same, but for Jomsocial

Loaded as an JomSocial application, in latest version comes prepacked with plethora of features that will make you forgot about every other album plugins for JomSocial.

Designed with careful attention to the details, the plugn comes completely revamped in big JomSocial 2.4 and 2.6 style with full blown privacy that is followed silently.
If you find hard visiting the user galleries just to see the pictures of your friend and if you think that is unnecessary step in content discover, UG&T will show those galleries directly in your friends profile. Why would you go anywhere else to see their albums, or pictures that they are tagged on.
As you would expect, this is not all. If you watch the plugin as an owner, you will be able to directly manipulate the albums, right from the plugin in the profile page. Upload new pictures, edit or even delete albums without even going into their respective pages. Super Admins will be able to even feature the album in the community.
Simple said, this is one of the "must-have" addons for every JomSocial community.


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